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Featured Recipe: Coconut and Cranberry Granola

There is little known about the origin and early distribution of the coconut. It’s believed that since they can stay afloat due to their water content they traveled along ocean currents to land. It is often stated that coconuts can travel for 110 days, or 3,000 miles, by sea and still be able to germinate. Drift models based on wind and ocean currents have shown that coconuts could not have drifted across the Pacific unaided, providing some circumstantial evidence that Austronesian peoples carried coconuts across the ocean and that they could not have

dispersed around the world without human involvement.

Although the coconut is spelled with “nut” it is a drupe and consists of three layers: exocarp, mesocarp and endocarp. There are many different useful properties to the coconut such as normalizing digestion, relaxing muscles, protecting from ultraviolet radiation, moistening skin, boosting the immune system, and countless more.

Coconut palms are grown in more than 90 countries of the world, with a total production of 62 million tons per year. Most of the world’s coconut production is in tropical Asia. Coconut treesare very hard to establish in dry climates, and cannot grow there without frequent irrigation.

Did You Know?

  • The coconut comes from the coconut palm tree, which grows throughout the tropics and subtropics.
  • Technically, the coconut fruit is a drupe, not a nut.
  • The oil is a source of energy and has an accelerating effect on the metabolism.
  • Coconut oils also contain four growth hormones that help the development of many organisms.
  • Coconut water is considered the “father of modern tissue culture science,” and can be substituted for blood plasma in emergency situations.

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